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Starts :  Nov 13, 2023 09:00 AM CST
Ends: Nov 29, 2023 10:00 AM CST

155 Items
Item # Description
Lot - CPTX70 CPTX70

Set Of 2 Stacked Southbend Natural Gas Ovens, 38X42X64

Lot - LSTX30 LSTX30

Perlick BBS84-RM Stainless Steel Counter Height Solid Door Back Bar Refrigerator


Vulcan V2FT36B Heavy-Duty Range With 2 French Plates And Convection Oven

Lot - CPTX54 CPTX54

Traulsen 2- Solid Door Commercial Metal Warming Cabinet, 68X32X84

Lot - CPTX69 CPTX69

Traulsen RPP132L-FHS Dough Proofing Cabinet - 36X36X84

Lot - CPTX71 CPTX71

Tri-Star Natural Gas Double Stacked Commercial Oven


Everest ETBR2-D4 Under Counter Fridge/Freezer, 4-Drawer


Continental CPA43 Worktops Undercounter & Sandwich Prep Table

Lot - DMTX83 DMTX83

New Napa Technology Wine Station 

Lot - LCTX12 LCTX12

Thermo Pro Stainless Coffee Maker

Lot - LCTX13 LCTX13

Stainless Steel Commercial 3-Compartment Commercial Sink

Lot - CPTX62 CPTX62

Whirlpool WZF34X16DW04 Freezer, 30X30X61

Lot - ADKT94 ADKT94

Black Plastic Tray

Lot - LCTX17 LCTX17

Merrychef Classic High-Power High Speed Countertop Convection Oven


True Commercial Sandwich/Salad Prep Table W/ Refrigerated Base


Vulcan V2FT36B Heavy-Duty Range with 2 French Plates and Cabinet Base


Perlick DP32ST Commercial Wine/Beer Keg Dispenser

Lot - LUTX13 LUTX13

FWE UHS-4 Undercounter Insulated Mobile Heated Cabinet, 120V

Lot - LUTX19 LUTX19

Frigidaire FCFS201LFB 19.5 Cu. Ft. Commercial Upright Freezer


True TUC-27F-LP 1-Door Low Profile Undercounter Freezer


Randell RAN HTD-4S Serving Counter Table, Hot Food, Electric


Ojeda ALPA-120 G2 Reach In Display Refrigerator


Ojeda ALPA-120 G2 Reach In Display Refrigerator

Lot - AMTX10 AMTX10

Stainless Steel Cover

Lot - CBTX15 CBTX15

PortACool PAC2K482S Evaporative Coolers


Cozoc Heater/Proofer Holding Cabinet

Lot - CBTX117 CBTX117

Box Of Miscellaneous Kitchen Items, Stainless Pans, Strainers, Stainless Pots, Ice Bucket And Well Pans

Lot - CBTX19 CBTX19

2 Single Metal Leg Tables With Wooden Top


20 Mr. Coffee, Small Coffee Maker

Lot - CBTX31 CBTX31

Honda 3500 Portable Gas Powered Generator

Lot - CBTX58 CBTX58

Wooden Round Table W/ Glass On Top

Lot - CBTX60 CBTX60

5 Boxes Of Towels - 40 Towels Per Box


Poly Cotton King Size Mail Style Pillow Cases - Lot Of 12

Lot - CBTX86 CBTX86

Miscellaneous Box Of Kitchen Items


37' White Poly Cotton Mail Style Pillow Cases - Lot Of 12


Hobart LXER Undercounter Commercial Dishwasher


Hobart LXER Undercounter Commercial Dishwasher


Commercial Round Table W/ Laminated Wood Top, Metal Base

Lot - CPTX103 CPTX103

Vinyl Dishwashing Apron

Lot - CPTX104 CPTX104

Lot Of Assorted Cleaning Supplies - Mop Handle And Heads, Squeegees, Deck Brushes, Floor Scraper

Lot - CPTX114 CPTX114

Set Of 12 800-Lumen Led Light Bulbs

Lot - CPTX12 CPTX12

Commercial Steel Table With Undershelf

Lot - CPTX120 CPTX120

Partial Case 12Oz Paper Coffee Cups

Lot - CPTX121 CPTX121

New Full Case 12Oz Coffee Cup Lids

Lot - CPTX122 CPTX122

Miscellaneous Items Lot - Includes, Partial Case Cardboard Coffee Cup Sleeves Measurements Are Based On The Box Size And Not The Items In The Box, Partial Case Stir Sticks, 10 Boxes Of 500-Count Box 9X10 3/4 Foil Sheets, 4 Boxes Of 100-Count Box Medium Nitrile Gloves, 5 Boxes Of 100-Count Box Medium Poly Gloves

Lot - CPTX127 CPTX127

Mop Bucket + Wet Floor Sign

Lot - CPTX128 CPTX128

Storage Items Lot - Includes, 100-Count Sleeve + Full Case 9X9" Hinged Single Compartment Containers, 100-Count Sleeve 6X6" Hinged Containers, 100-Count Sleeve 5X5" Hinged Containers, 100-Count Sleeve 9X9" Hinged 3 Compartment Containers, Full Case Compostable Heavyweight Knife & Fork Kits

Lot - CPTX134 CPTX134

Miscellaneous Items Lot - Includes, 100-Count Bag Disposable White Hairnets And 100-Count Bag Disposable White Beardnets

Lot - CPTX136 CPTX136

Miscellaneous Items Lot - Includes, 24" Plastic Wrap Dispenser + New 2500Ft Roll Heavy Duty Film And Near-New Set Of Daymark "Day Dots" In Dispenser

Lot - CPTX138 CPTX138

Set Of 6 Neoprene Pot Holders + Pair Oven Mitts

Lot - CPTX139 CPTX139

Partial Sleeve 4Oz Parfait Insert Cups

Lot - CPTX14 CPTX14

Commercial Steel Table With Double Overshelf

Lot - CPTX147 CPTX147

Miscellaneous Item Kitchen Items Lot - Includes, Stainless Yeast Roll Pans - Lot Of 2, Metal Jumbo Muffin Pans - Lot Of 7, Metal Standard Muffin Pans - Lot Of 2, Metal Mini Loaf Pans - Lot Of 10. Total Lot 21

Lot - CPTX15 CPTX15

Steel-Topped Metal Cabinet With Laminated Panels And 2 Doors

Lot - CPTX151 CPTX151

Miscellaneous Kitchen Items Lot - Includes, Set Of 8 Kitchen Knives - Lot Of 8, Partial Case Bread Bags + Quicksheets, Partial Case 18X18 Insulated Foil Sandwich Wrap Sheets And 10.75X14 Insulated Foil Sandwich Wrap Sheets

Lot - CPTX155 CPTX155

Miscellaneous Kitchen Items Lot - Includes, Lot Of 10 Nesting Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, Assorted Sizes And Set Of 4 Nesting Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With Red Silicon Bottoms

Lot - CPTX157 CPTX157

8 Boxes Of Full Sleeve 12Oz Deli Container - Microwavable, Translucent

Lot - CPTX160 CPTX160

Miscellaneous Items Lot - Includes, 3 Boxes Of Full Sleeve 12/16/32Oz Deli Container Lids - Microwavable, Translucent, Plastic Lid Caps And 18In X 2000Ft Sysco Brand Plastic Wrap

Lot - CPTX163 CPTX163

New Amerex Brand Class 2-A-K Fire Extinguisher

Lot - CPTX164 CPTX164

2 New Amerex Brand Class 3-A: 40-B:C Fire Extinguisher

Lot - CPTX165 CPTX165

Nordicware Bundt Pans (6 Unique Designs) - Lot Of 6

Lot - CPTX167 CPTX167

Miscellaneous Items Lot, Includes, Set Of 3 Aluminum Stock Pots With Lid - 12Qt, 16Qt, 24Qt - Lot Of 3, 20Qt Aluminum Stock Pot With Large Pasta Strainer And Lid, 2Qt Sauce Pot + 2.75Qt Sauce Pot And Set Of 2 Nesting Collanders

Lot - CPTX171 CPTX171

Miscellaneous Kitchen Item Lot, Includes, Over-The-Sink Strainer And Set Of 2 Nesting Mesh Baskets

Lot - CPTX173 CPTX173

Food Prep Item Lot, Item Includes, Full Case Insulated Foil Sandwich/Burger Bags (+ A Few Leftover From The Previous Box), Partial Case Insulated Foil Hot Dog Bags, 2 Full Case 12X12 Red And White Checkered Basket Liner/Sandwich Wrap And 12"X1000' Standard Roll + 2 Partial Rolls Heavy Duty 18" Aluminum Foil

Lot - CPTX177 CPTX177

Food Prep Items, Includes, 15X20 White Plastic Cutting Boards - Lot Of 4, Set Of 4 15X20 Cutting Boards And Allergen-Safe Cutting Board

Lot - CPTX18 CPTX18

3-Tier Industrial Aluminum Rolling Utility Cart

Lot - CPTX180 CPTX180

Miscellaneous Pan Lot, Includes - 2.5" Deep Steel Full-Size Hotel/Steam Table Pans - Lot Of 6, 4" Deep Steel Full-Size Hotel/Steam Table Pans - Lot Of 2, 6" Deep Steel Full-Size Hotel/Steam Table Pan And 6" Deep Steel Half-Size Hotel/Steam Table Pans - Lot Of 2

Lot - CPTX194 CPTX194

Lot Of Assorted Disposables; Take-N-Bake Pizza Pans (4), Cookie Trays (6), 6.5X9 Entrée Pans (34)

Lot - CPTX195 CPTX195

Miscellaneous Kitchen Item Lot, Includes - Lids 8Qt Square Cambro With Lids - Lot Of 10, 6Qt Round Cambro With Lids - Lot Of 6, 12Qt Round Cambro With Lid, Plastic 1/6 Food Pans - Lot Of 4 And Half Size 5Qt (1) And 8Qt (2) Polycarbonate Food Pans With Lids + 13X18X6 Rubbermaid Food Pan With Lid


3 Rectangular Tables - Laminated Top, Metal Base

Lot - CPTX200 CPTX200

7In Takeout Aluminum Pans With Lids

Lot - CPTX201 CPTX201

9In Takeout Pans With Lids

Lot - CPTX22 CPTX22

Air Curtain OA4715-12TB Open Merchandiser Refrigerated Display Case

Lot - CPTX235 CPTX235

1.15 Gpm Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly With 8" Centers And 12" Add On Faucet

Lot - CPTX236 CPTX236

Klipsch Bluetooth Speaker


2 Stainless Steel 6-Tier Nsf Rated Shelf With Wheels - Chrome

Lot - CPTX27 CPTX27

Stainless Steel 4-Tier NSF Rated Shelf - Green

Lot - CPTX28 CPTX28

Rectangular Table - Laminated Top With Vinyl Covering, Metal Base

Lot - CPTX31 CPTX31

Big Commercial Outdoor Thermometer

Lot - CPTX32 CPTX32

5 Stainless Steel 5-Tier NSF Rated Shelf With Wheels - Chrome

Lot - CPTX33 CPTX33

Scrolling Led Sign With Wifi

Lot - CPTX35 CPTX35

Set Of 3 Coffee Station Caddies

Lot - CPTX46 CPTX46

True GDM-41CPT-48 Pass-Through Refrigerated Merchandiser Case - 48X24X48

Lot - CPTX52 CPTX52

2 Aluminum Sheet Pan Racks With Wheels, 21X26X70

Lot - CPTX53 CPTX53

Aluminum Sheet Pan Rack With Wheels, 21X26X70

Lot - CPTX55 CPTX55

Sanitizer Bottle Metal Stand + Bottle Sanitizer

Lot - CPTX59 CPTX59

2 Umbra Brand Black Slim Trash Cans W/ Lid, 15X27

Lot - CPTX63 CPTX63

Set Of 12 Ceramic Coffee Cups + Metal Tree

Lot - CPTX64 CPTX64

Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer, Humidity Gauge, Moon Phase And More!

Lot - CPTX68 CPTX68

Doyon DSF022 Dough Divider/Rounder - 24X30X80

Lot - CPTX79 CPTX79

Boxes Lot - Includes, Partial Case 15X11 1/2X2 1/4 White Auto-Popup Donut/Bakery Boxes And New Full Case 12X8X2 1/4 White Auto-Popup Donut/Bakery Boxes - Lot Of 2

Lot - CPTX81 CPTX81

Vantakool Ph Tester

Lot - CPTX82 CPTX82

Wooden Welcome Sign

Lot - CPTX83 CPTX83

Decor Lot - Includes, Vintage Coca Cola Tin, Framed Vintage Czech Greeting Card And Vintage Slovak American Cook Book. Lot Of 4

Lot - CPTX86 CPTX86

Waring "Big Stik" Commercial Immersion Blender + Whisk Attachment

Lot - CPTX88 CPTX88

Digital Wall Timer

Lot - CPTX92 CPTX92

Bohemia Leaded Crystal Vase, Made In Czech Republic - Lot Of 3

Lot - ADKT57 ADKT57

View Sonic VSD243 Television Monitor

Lot - CRTX16 CRTX16

2 Green Glass Doors W/ Tubular Bar

Lot - CRTX23 CRTX23

2 Stainless Steel Cedar Tea Dispensers

Lot - CRTX24 CRTX24

Pitco Stainless Commercial Fryer

Lot - DMTX16 DMTX16

John Boos 1B16204-1D18R 1-Compartment Sink

Lot - DMTX32 DMTX32

Hatco FSHC-7-1 Flav-R-Savor Undercounter Holding Cabinet with Clear Door

Lot - DMTX42 DMTX42

4-Section Stainless Steel Dish Rack - Lot Of 2

Lot - DMTX53 DMTX53

Kolpak PF144T3 Cooler unit

Lot - DMTX68 DMTX68

Hamilton Beach HJE960 Otto Auto Feed Juice Extractor - 120V

Lot - DMTX75 DMTX75

Cambro Slant Top Ingredient Bin

Lot - DMTX82 DMTX82

12’ Deck Mount Pitcher Filler and Laser Guard For C02 Laser

Lot - LCTX11 LCTX11

True TUC-27-LP Undercounter Refrigerator W/ (1) Section & (1) Right Hinge Door

Lot - LCTX14 LCTX14

Stainless Steel Steam Table Pan/Food Pan Rack

Lot - LCTX15 LCTX15

Bunn H5X Element SST Finish 5 Gallon Hot Water Dispenser

Lot - LCTX16 LCTX16

Manitowoc SY0324A Air Cooled Ice Maker W/ Ice Bin


Arctic Air 22 Cu. Ft. Single Door Reach-In Commercial Freezer

Lot - LSTX11 LSTX11

T3048SD Commercial Stainless Steel Food Prep Work Table

Lot - LSTX16 LSTX16

2 Mirrored Two Shelve W/ Stainless Silver Bar Cart

Lot - LSTX22 LSTX22

8 Restoration Hardware Gray Wooden 4-Leg Chairs W/ Cushion


8 Restoration Hardware Gray Wooden 4-Leg Chairs W/ Cushion

Lot - LSTX24 LSTX24

2 Woodside Table W/ Shelf


2 Square Creme/White Marble Top With Cast Iron Base, Tables

Lot - LSTX27 LSTX27

Pan Stainless Steel Side Load Half Height Sheet/Bun Pan Rack


Commercial Stainless Charcoal Grill/Oven

Lot - LSTX31 LSTX31

2 Steel Tree Art W/ Graphite Planter

Lot - LUTX11 LUTX11

Metro C190 Heating Transport Cabinet

Lot - LUTX17 LUTX17

8 Special Event Decor Side Banisters

Lot - LUTX22 LUTX22

DoughPro DP1100 Pizza Dough Press

Lot - LUTX26 LUTX26

Miscellaneous Box With Foil-Lam Food Container Lids, Dispenser, Manual Sanitizer Dispenser, Small Plate Cover Stainless Steel and Aluminum Pot

Lot - LUTX27 LUTX27

Miscellaneous Box With Plastic Tray and Transparent Lids, Waflle Maker, Dish Rack, Stainless Pepper Holders, Ceramic Oval Plate

Lot - LUTX28 LUTX28

Miscellaneous Box With Aluminum Tray, Plastic Bowl, Soup Warmers and Other Kitchen Items

Lot - LUTX33 LUTX33

Taylor C723-27 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Lot - LUTX45 LUTX45

Manitowoc SD0853W Ice Machine


Lockwood CA67-ES40-SD-R Full Height Economy Transport Cabinet

Lot - LUTX50 LUTX50

Aluminum Single Door Enclosed Pan Rack

Lot - LUTX51 LUTX51

Insulated 2 Door Mobile Heating Cabinet

Lot - LUTX57 LUTX57

Silver King SKMAJ3 Milk Dispenser


3 Boxes Of Collard Shirts

Lot - LUTX65 LUTX65

Miscellaneous Box With Cooking Pans And Other Kitchen Items

Lot - LUTX66 LUTX66

Miscellaneous Box With Food Warmers And Beverage Containers

Lot - LUTX67 LUTX67

Miscellaneous Box With Food Warmers And Rustic Brown Pine 6-Tier Slanted Cylindrical Cutlery Holder

Lot - LUTX70 LUTX70

Miscellaneous Storage Boxes

Lot - LUTX82 LUTX82

Hobart 84186 Buffalo Chopper Food Processor


Hatco GRSDH-36 Glo-Ray 36" Horizontal Single Shelf Merchandiser

Lot - LUTX97 LUTX97

Miscellaneous Box With Stainless Trays, Plastic Pitcher, Lids, Plastic Storage Box And Etc.

Lot - WMTX100 WMTX100

New Cambro Camrack Glass Rack W/ (25) Compartments - (2) Gray Extenders, Red - Lot Of 4

Lot - WMTX101 WMTX101

New Plastic Wrap, Pizza Capper Film - Lot Of 3

Lot - WMTX30 WMTX30

ThermoFresh Server with Digital Sight Gauge and Base

Lot - WMTX36 WMTX36

Variety of Kitchen Utensils

Lot - WMTX38 WMTX38

Variety of Kitchen Utensils

Lot - WMTX61 WMTX61

New TurboChef HCW-9500-6-V Electric Countertop Accelerated Impingement Ventless Conveyor Oven

Lot - WMTX68 WMTX68

Everest Refrigeration ETBWR2-D4 Drawered Undercounter/Worktop Refrigerator Two-Section

Lot - WMTX96 WMTX96

New Stainless Steel Number Mini Table Tents - Lot Of 3

Lot - THTX12 THTX12

Light Covers - Lot Of 18

Lot - DITX250 DITX250

Turbo Air PRO-50R-RI-N Two Section PRO Series Roll-In Top Mount Refrigerator 

Lot - DCTX23 DCTX23

Lincoln 1116-000-U-K1837 Triple Deck Impinger Express Natural Gas Conveyorized Oven

Lot - DITX155 DITX155

Perlick CS60SB Commercial Bottle Cooler

Lot - BITX53 BITX53

Metro 15SNK3 Metroseal 3 Tray Slide - Lot Of 12